Portage-based vegetable processor signs on organic growers due to growing demand

Canadian Prairie Garden Puree Products Inc., based in Portage la Prairie has significantly ramped up its organic product line. By Lorraine Stevenson OrganicBiz staff A Portage la Prairie-based processor that created new markets for Manitoba’s vegetable and fruit growers now has her sights set on helping this province’s organic sector diversify too. Founder and chief operating […]

Know an organic hero?

Nominate someone you know who has contributed to growth in the organic sector OrganicBiz staff Organic Connections, a non-profit organization established to organize conferences and trade shows for the Prairie organic industry, is looking for organic heroes to honour at its conference and trade show in Regina Nov. 3 to 5, 2016. Two heroes selected […]

fruits and vegetables on old wooden table

Organic foods in high demand, but fall short in supply

Consumer demand for food and beverage products manufactured with certified organic ingredients continues to increase. Sales rose 11 per cent in 2015 to $39.7 billion, and the trend is expected to continue as such demographics as Generation Z and baby boomers continue to influence food culture. Click here to read the full article on meatpoultry.com.

Slicing weeds down to size

Organic grain growers have been snapping up CombCut machines ‘like crazy‘ — but they’re also a way to control herbicide resistant weeds By Jennifer Blair OrganicBiz staff  A new piece of machinery is helping crop growers control broadleaf weeds on their farms — especially on organic operations. “Organic growers are buying these CombCut machines like […]

Sun rising over savannah, Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

Organic tops conventional agriculture in the tropics

CNW – A long-term study by the Swiss Research Institute of Organic Agriculture in Kenya has shown clearly that organic agriculture not only generates comparable yields, but produces more income for farmers than conventional methods. The 10-year study in Thika and Chuka was conducted with local partners since 2007. It contradicts the myth that organic needs more space to achieve similar yields. With input […]

ancient spelt wheat

Might ancient wheat be the future of food?

Cell Press – Researchers believe untapped consumer markets exist for ancient foods such as einkorn, emmer, and spelt, which fed large swaths of the world’s population for thousands of years but disappeared almost completely during the rise of industrial farming and the green revolution. In an Opinion published June 27 in Trends in Plant Science, two […]