Studying the benefits of grassfed livestock

The production system is linked to healthier meat, egg and dairy products By Laura Rance OrganicBiz staff It’s unlikely that University of Toronto researcher Richard Bazinet will include on his resumé the fact that he had a whole room of farmers holding their noses during one of his presentations. But it was actually an effective […]

Costco works with farmers to increase organic food supply

OrganicBiz staff The Seattle Times is reporting that Costco has started investing in farmers to increase the supply of organic foods and keep pace with consumer demand. “While other retailers might have loan programs for suppliers to upgrade equipment or offer financial incentives such as advance payments or long-term contracts, helping farmers buy land to […]

Turning livestock mortalities into compost

By Greg Berg OrganicBiz staff Livestock producers are always working to avoid mortalities, but they do happen and are an unfortunate part of production. In addition, dealing with the carcass afterward can be time consuming. On display at Manitoba Ag Days this past January, BioMulcher is designed to handle these dead animals by mechanically breaking them […]

Don’t sell your grain, market your farm

Canadian farmers need to understand their customers better By Laura Rance OrganicBiz editor Farmers attending this year’s AgEx conference received what some would consider odd advice: when you are building a marketing plan, don’t focus so much on the market. “The market doesn’t always take care of farmers,” Nicole Rogers, founder and CEO of Agriprocity, […]

Organic beef, one small step away

By Ron Lyseng OrganicBiz staff Dale Hicks says his 60-head cow herd is “one small step away” from being drug-free and certified organic, emphasizing that organic beef is merely a byproduct of organic grain production. “There’s no way you can grow organic grain unless you have a significant percentage of forages in your rotation,” said […]

Open Farm Day/Organic Week: Howpark Farms

Open Farm Day/Organic Week Farm Tour at Howpark Farms. See organic grains, grass-fed organic beef and pastured chickens. Visit the Manitoba Open Farm Day website for details. Directions From Brandon, travel east on Richmond Avenue and at the corner of 65th Street East, turn south (right). Travel 11.2 km (7 miles) to dead end. Turn east […]

Organic grain, cattle production can make good partners

By Brenda Frick OrganicBiz contributor Grain and livestock production go well together. It works both ways: introducing organic grain production onto the ranch can provide a valuable market stream. Integration of cattle into grain farming can improve sustainability. For a livestock producer considering pasture renovation, or re-seeding of hay land, organic grain production can be […]

USDA invites comments on new organic livestock regulations

By John Morriss OrganicBiz staff The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) has invited comments on proposed changes to organic livestock and poultry production requirements. In a release, the USDA said the changes are intended to maintain confidence in organically labelled products, and are based on recommendations by the National Organic Standards Board […]