Albertans load up their plates with organic food

Photo: Getty Images

By Robert Arnason
Glacier FarmMedia staff

Albertans like organic food.

Organic industry statistics suggest that 74 percent of Albertans buy organic food weekly. That’s higher than consumers in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, where 62 percent of shoppers buy organic weekly.

The strong demand in Alberta is likely explained by millennials, who tend to self-identify as “ethical” consumers, although the median age in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta is similar, around 37.

We have a strong network of farmers markets and buying locally. – Marilynn Boehm

One factor in Alberta could be the large number of farmers markets in the province.

“We have a strong network of farmers markets and buying locally … and I think all of that is driving the trend towards organic,” said Organic Alberta executive director Marilynn Boehm.

The size of cities and the amount of disposable income in Alberta may also play a role because wealthy urban residents are strong supporters of organic food.

This article was originally published as “Alberta: home of oil and organic food,” at the Western Producer.