Best Cooking Pulses named finalist for ‘Organic Champion’ award

Pâte sucrée with spiced butternut squash mousse and pea shoots. This gluten-free pâte sucrée is made with ‘BEST’ Certified-Organic Precooked Navy Bean Flour and ‘BEST’ Certified-Organic Pea Hull Fiber 200. Photo: Chef Sean Audet.

OrganicBiz staff

Best Cooking Pulses, Inc., a Canadian family-owned company that has been active in the international pulse trade for 81 years, has been named as a finalist in the Fi Europe 2017 ‘Organic Champion’ Innovation Awards for its range of ‘BEST’ Certified-Organic Pea Hull Fibers.

The Fi Europe Innovation Awards honours professionals and companies for their ability to demonstrate and stimulate innovation, and for their contributions to the food industry. The winners will be announced at the festive awards ceremony on Tuesday November 28th at Messe Frankfurt, Germany.

‘BEST’ Certified-Organic Pea Hull Fibers (90 per cent total dietary fibre) are dry-milled from the outer hulls or seed coats of dried peas, using a proprietary process that is inherently sustainable. These dietary fibres are ‘clean label’, ‘allergen free’, and ‘ready to eat’.

Best Cooking Pulses’ Saskatchewan mill, located in the largest dried-pea growing area of the world, has been certified organic for 26 years. Firmly anchored in strong farmer relationships, the facility provides the world with ‘farm to fork’ certified-organic and conventional split peas and other pulses.

In Manitoba, Best Cooking Pulses mills a full range of certified-organic and conventional, non-GMO pulse flours, grits, and fibres for food, nutraceutical, beverage, and pet food manufacturers worldwide.

Pulses are among the most environmentally sustainable crops. They play a key role in crop rotation systems through their ability to ‘fix’ nitrogen from the air.  Pulses also enhance the soil microbiome.

“All of us at Best Cooking Pulses are honoured to see ‘BEST’ Certified-Organic Pea Hull Fibers nominated for this prestigious award,” said Margaret Hughes, VP Sales and Marketing. “In partnership with our farmers, we are strongly committed to environmental stewardship, in terms of the crops we mill and how they are grown, and through our proprietary dry milling processes. Our motto at Best Cooking Pulses is ‘Pulse ingredients for healthy diets and a sustainable world’.”

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