Canadian greenhouse grower doubles organic production

Photo: NatureFresh Farms

Fresh Plaza – Consumer demand for organic and locally-grown produce has inspired NatureFresh Farms to expand on their organic greenhouse offerings at their Ontario facility. The company is not only significantly expanding their organic acreage in Canada, but also adding a number of items to their organic list. The expansion will mean organic produce will be grown in their Canadian greenhouse for nine months of the year.

“NatureFresh Farms is now in the fourth year of its Canadian organic bell pepper operations,” shared Ray Wowryk of NatureFresh Farms. “It’s going to be a very exciting year this year as we have doubled our organic production to meet the increased demand for organic produce. This will bring our organic pepper acreage in Leamington to 30 acres and means we will be in the market in Canada from the end of March through to December.”

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