Organic fertilizer plant planned for Alberta

By Barb Glen Glacier FarmMedia staff A company using patented fertilizer production technology developed in California may build an organic fertilizer plant in southern Alberta using locally obtained crushed mineral and organic waste. Candeo Growth Solutions hopes to finalize a deal this month on the purchase of an unoccupied Second World War-era airport hangar in […]


Organic ‘cold’ pasteurizing process expands reach

Staff — A Toronto company with a “non-thermal” process for pasteurizing dry organic foods such as seeds, nuts and grains has expanded its operations with both public-sector and private-sector backing. Agri-Neo, over the past three years, has scaled up its marketing activities to expand its customer base and created 10 full-time jobs, investing $1.14 million […]

Federal government invests in organic products

By Christina Manocchio Glacier FarmMedia staff The Canada Organic Trade Association received funding of $992,131 through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership’s AgriMarketing Program. The funding will support the industry in resolving market access issues, ensuring Canadian organic products remain competitive. The funding will create export and domestic opportunities to promote the “Canada Organic” brand. The project […]

Novel weed control system unveiled

Submitted – A new approach to weed control is being launched at Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina. Through a patented process, the X-Steam-inator uses electricity to generate high temperature steam on demand to kill weeds and terminate plant growth. This unique sprayer has obvious applications for both conventional and organic farmers. Weed growth can […]