Organic grain, cattle production can make good partners

By Brenda Frick OrganicBiz contributor Grain and livestock production go well together. It works both ways: introducing organic grain production onto the ranch can provide a valuable market stream. Integration of cattle into grain farming can improve sustainability. For a livestock producer considering pasture renovation, or re-seeding of hay land, organic grain production can be […]

Weed resistance fight goes mechanical

By Ron Lyseng OrganicBiz staff Organic farmers and farmers facing herbicide resistance have a new tool that some would call revolutionary. The CombCut mechanically removes broadleaf weeds from standing cereals without inflicting crop damage. The term “mechanical weed control” conjures up images of intensive cultivation and the associated soil degradation issues. However, selectively clipping broadleaf […]

cattle grazing in tall grasses

Six limiting factors in your soil that will make or break your organic farm

By Jennifer Blair OrganicBiz staff Organic farms and grazing operations are only as good as their worst resources, says Oregon-based grazier Abe Collins. “Soil is our primary infrastructure on the farm,” said Collins, who spoke at the recent Organic Alberta conference. “Biologically, chemically, and physically, you need to be looking at the limiting factors in your […]

Organic spuds ain’t no small potatoes

Ron Lyseng OrganicBiz staff At least one organic farmer has figured out how to grow potatoes without the usual weekly dose of chemicals. It’s a myth that potatoes demand synthetic protection, according to Brent Harris of Fraserland Organic Farms in Delta B.C. He said you can grow a healthy potato crop once your land has […]

Grazing through a drought

Jennifer Blair OrganicBiz staff When drought hits, you can blame Mother Nature — but management practices also come into play. “I don’t want to say that it doesn’t matter what happens with rain and that all drought is man made because of bad management,” said Vermont grazier Abe Collins. “That’s a very extreme position. Sometimes […]