Saskatchewan family strives for healthier food

By William DeKay Glacier FarmMedia staff The Witzaneys love to grow food for local customers. That’s the niche market they have moved into after starting New Life Organic Foods to market their homegrown produce, which includes beef, sheep, pork, poultry, eggs and milled grains. “We really found that connection to growing food for families when […]

Manitoba researcher looks to explore cover crops

By Robert Arnason Glacier FarmMedia staff Agronomists and soil scientists like to talk about cover crops. At farm meetings and field days they tout the benefits of cover crops, such as reducing soil erosion, suppressing weeds and improving soil health. All those claims may be valid, but are western Canadian producers actually using cover crops […]

Entz receives Leadership in Organic Science Award

University of Manitoba – Dr. Martin Entz, Professor in the Department of Plant Science, was honoured by the Canada Organic Trade Association with the Leadership in Organic Science Award during the 10th anniversary Organic Week Celebration in Toronto on Sept. 11, 2019. The Organic Science Award is awarded to an individual who has demonstrated a significant […]

Neighbours milk cows in organic partnership

Two Danish producers have been working together successfully for more than 20 years, and they now milk 900 cows between them By Chris McCullough Glacier FarmMedia staff Two dairy farming neighbours in Denmark have been milking cows together for more than 20 years and say the partnership model works well for them. Kjartan Poulsen, chair […]

Northern Alta. agronomist tackles organics

Julie Bernier has been hired to help producers in Mackenzie County solve their problems and improve production By Jeremy Simes Glacier FarmMedia staff Julie Bernier has become the go-to person for organic producers in Alberta’s Mackenzie County, helping them deal with problems they might have on their farms. She’s the new agronomic consultant for the […]

Organic label doesn’t tell the full story

Purdue University – The label on organic, fair-trade coffee and clothing doesn’t always tell the full story. In some cases, companies are working behind the scenes to provide more than just higher earnings by helping marginalized farmers secure land and protect it from logging, mining and large-scale agriculture operations. This is true with organic coffee […]

Searching for superpowers? Chefs look to forgotten ingredients

By Karla Mendes, Anuradha Nagaraj and Inna Lazareva Thomson Reuters Foundation On three continents, three women have taken three different paths to find healthy and tasty solutions to one of the world’s greatest health crises – poor nutrition. Chef Bela Gil found her solution in Brazil’s Amazon; in India, Anahita Dhondy discovered her answer in […]