sweet and red clover

Cows need forage, forage drives communities

Ron Lyseng OrganicBiz staff When the cows leave the farm, so do jobs, businesses, abattoirs and kids, says Iowa farmer Tom Frantzen. Whole families pack up and eventually the communities themselves leave. Frantzen, a pioneer in organic farming since the 1990s and a leading spokesperson for biodiversity in agriculture, said when an area loses its […]

Going the extra mill

By Lorraine Stevenson OrganicBiz staff It was a bad bout of fusarium in 2000 that laid the foundation for a Manitoba organic sector success story. Back then the DeRuyck family was farming conventionally and they’d made their usual inputs in the spring — seed, fertilizer, spray — only to be left with a disappointing harvest […]

Rebecca Thistlethwaite

Running on empty? It’s time for a re-set

By Jennifer Blair OrganicBiz staff It takes guts to be a farmer these days. “Farming is an extremely complex business to run, and it takes remarkable courage,” said author Rebecca Thistlethwaite, who farms in Oregon. “It demands an incredible well of passion, a willingness to learn, and ‘stick-to-it-tiveness’ to make it work.” But more and […]