Bee-ing neighbourly helps more farmers

University of Minnesota – Many farmers are used to sharing big equipment–like tractors and other costly machinery — with neighboring farms. Sharing cuts costs, lowers the farmer’s debt load, and increases community wellbeing. But big machinery might not be the only opportunity for farmers to reap the benefits of cost-sharing with their neighbors. New research […]

Profit study yields trends for organic

By Ed White Glacier FarmMedia staff If organic farmers get 100 per cent premiums and keep their yield drag to one-third of conventional, they tend to be more profitable than conventional growers. That’s the conclusion of a Purdue University study analyzing the profitability of typical rotations in the United States Midwest over a 10-year period. […]

Organic products signage grocery aisle at supermarket

COVID-19 driving new surge in organic sales

Importance of organic continues to rise, as sales hit $55.1 billion in 2019, says Organic Trade Association By Glacier FarmMedia staff Importance of organic continues to rise, as sales hit $55.1 billion in 2019, says Organic Trade Association The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic this year — and its enormous impact on consumers’ everyday lives – has […]

Can regenerative agriculture products find a premium niche?

Alexis Stockford Glacier FarmMedia staff Brooks White of Pipestone, Man., needs no convincing about the biological value of regenerative agriculture. His fields of cover crops, annual stands grazed by bison, and adaptive pasture system speak for themselves of his commitment to this way of farming. And for that commitment he’s been rewarded — in the form of lower inputs, higher soil organic matter, more […]

Tilled soils can be as healthy as no-till ground

By Robert Arnason Glacier FarmMedia staff Martin Entz knew he was saying something controversial. But he said it anyway. “We have vilified tillage, in the Prairies, for years. (But) if you have to choose between tillage and growing plants, you would choose a good crop rotation before no-till, anytime; and the data supports that,” said […]

Albertans load up their plates with organic food

By Robert Arnason Glacier FarmMedia staff Albertans like organic food. Organic industry statistics suggest that 74 percent of Albertans buy organic food weekly. That’s higher than consumers in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, where 62 percent of shoppers buy organic weekly. The strong demand in Alberta is likely explained by millennials, who tend to self-identify as “ethical” […]