National Organic Grain and Feedstuffs: June 21

Whole Peeled, Unpeeled and Rolled Oats

Compared to two weeks ago, FOB grower bids on organic feed corn 8.00-8.25, feed soybeans 16.00-18.00, feed wheat 7.00-7.50. Feed corn traded 17 cents higher FOB with demand moderate on light trade. Feed soybean trades ranged 16.00-18.00 FOB on moderate demand and activity. No trend available for feed or food wheat due to lack of comparable trades.

Soybean meal traded slightly lower on moderate trade activity and demand. Soybean oil trade activity light on good demand, trading 35-46 FOB. Forward contract activity on organic grains were moderate to good. Trade activity too limited on all other organic grains and hay to trend.

Trade activity on dry edible beans, peas, and lentils too limited to trend. According to, Amazon is attempting to acquire Whole Foods for 13.7 billion dollars.

To view the latest market report courtesy of the USDA, click here.

*All prices listed in US dollars