Organic food fraud-fighting training courses offered

Organic products signage grocery aisle at supermarket Photo: iStock/Getty Images

Organic Trade Association – The Organic Trade Association recently announced the development of three online training courses to bolster its Organic Fraud Prevention Solutions program.

The training courses are designed for organic businesses, accredited certifiers and organic inspectors, with one of the courses a pre-requisite for businesses pre-enrolled in the program. The Organic Fraud Prevention Solutions program was launched by the Organic Trade Association earlier this year, and almost four dozen organic businesses have joined.

The new anti-fraud courses will analyze where opportunities for crime in the organic supply chain most commonly occur, and will educate on the key components of the Organic Fraud Prevention Plan and how to put it into real on-the-job practice. They will be built on the Organic Fraud Prevention Solutions program’s guide, which lays out a systematic process that businesses can implement to identify and minimize vulnerability to organic fraud.

To read the full release via the Organic Trade Association, click here.