Phosphate-unlocking inoculant cleared for organics

Photo: Vencavolrab/iStock/Getty Images

By Dave Bedard
Glacier FarmMedia staff

A Winnipeg company making what it bills as “go-green” inoculants has picked up approval for use of a phosphate-unlocking inoculant by organic canola, corn, wheat, barley and legume growers.

XiteBio Technologies recently announced organic approvals in Canada and the U.S. for its XiteBio Yield+ liquid biological, which contains a rhizobacteria strain to improve phosphorus availability in soil.

The product’s active ingredient is a minimum 100 million Bacillus firmus PGPR (plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria) per gram, which the company says are attracted to, and will colonize, a plant’s root surface.

The company says its product’s modes of action allow for increasing plant-available soil phosphates, releasing phytohormones and chelating iron by way of siderophores, which it says can increase early root hair development and overall plant health.

The inoculant was already available for conventional growers’ use, to be tank-mixed with certain herbicides for the first post-emergent pass at the zero- to six-leaf stage, or applied in-furrow. The product is not formulated to be applied on-seed before planting.

“This approval is exciting for us and means organic farmers will now have a product that frees up soil-bound phosphates,” Mike Kupper, the company’s business and product manager, said in a release.

“This is important in any farming practice, but even more so for organic farmers, because organic farmers are very limited to what they can use and remain certified.”

XiteBio CEO Manas Banerjee, in the same release, said organic approval for the product “is an important milestone for us.”