Positioning the future of organic agriculture

Martin Entz stands in the porch of ‘The Clubhouse,’ located near one of the research plots at Glenlea Research Station. Photo: Shannon VanRaes

OrganicBiz staff

“It’s the processes in the soil… in the farm ecosystem in the landscape and the watersheds, we need to understand those first and get those right first,” says Martin Entz, professor of agriculture at the University of Manitoba.

Entz has been studying organic cropping systems at the Glenlea Research Station south of Winnipeg for 25 years. Over the last decade, the agricultural study has been gaining more interest and is attracting more attention from “conventional” farmers and agronomists.

In part two of our video interview, Entz talks about soil research at Glenlea, the role that new technologies can play and the goal he would like to see organic systems achieve.


Click here to watch part one of this video interview.

Video editing by Greg Berg