Prairie Heritage Seeds brings Kamut brand khorasan wheat to Canada

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An international organic grain trading company based in Radville, Sask., is using its long-term foothold in Europe to bring Kamut brand khorasan wheat to Canada.

Prairie Heritage Seeds, has supplied Kamut khorasan wheat to the European market for 20 years. It recently announced that it is extending its supply partnership to Canada, where it is contracting growers, cleaning product and selling directly to processors.

“We are pleased to take on the growth of the Kamut brand in the Canadian marketplace,” Robert and Alex Galarneau, chief executive officers of Prairie Heritage Seeds said in a news release.

“For the past decade, Canada’s organic food industry has expanded rapidly. From our knowledgeable staff to our state-of-the-art facilities, Prairie Heritage Seeds is equipped to meet the demand for popular grain brands like Kamut khorasan.”

Photo: Supplied
Photo: Supplied

Known for its nutritional qualities and digestibility, Kamut khorasan wheat is particularly marketed for athletes and healthy living enthusiasts.

This ancient grain is thought to have originated in Mesopotamia, and has remained unaltered by modern plant breeding programs. Since 1990, “Kamut” has been registered as a trademark to preserve the grain’s natural and non-genetically modified properties.

Today, certified organic farms grow Kamut khorasan wheat across Montana, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Compared to most modern wheat, Kamut khorasan has more protein, amino acids, vitamins and many minerals, especially selenium, zinc and magnesium. It’s a popular ingredient in breads, pasta, pizza, cereals, snacks, pastries, crackers, beer and other organic products.

Prairie Heritage Seeds, a family-owned operation, has traded organic grains on international markets for more than more than 40 years.

For more information, visit and, or contact Prairie Heritage Seeds at [email protected].