Farmers market booth selling grape tomatoes, bell peppers, eggplant, carrots and cucumbers.

Farmers drop organic labels over certification process, access to markets, study says

Purdue University – Midwestern fruit and vegetable farmers are more likely than their counterparts in other regions to give up federal organic certification, according to a Purdue University study. Access to organic markets and consumers as well as the demands of obtaining and retaining certification seem to be the most significant drivers of their decisions. […]

Quebec passes Saskatchewan in organic farms

Commodity News Service Canada – Saskatchewan has lost its position as the province in Canada with the most organic farms — to Quebec. According to Statistics Canada’s latest release from the 2016 Census of Agriculture, Quebec overtook Saskatchewan with 1,268 farms in 2016, compared to 879 in Saskatchewan. From 2011-16, the number of organic operations […]

Landscapers benefit from organic land care extension program

American Society for Horticultural Science – A new study shows the impact of an organic lawn care training program designed for landscapers, including insights into landscapers’ attitudes, lessons learned, and challenges. The results also suggest ways in which extension professionals can bring value to organic land management programs. The article, which appeared in the February 2016 […]