A silver anniversary for organic research at Glenlea

Martin Entz stands in some of the tall, native grasses of Grant MacEwan Prairie at Glenlea Research Station. Photo: Shannon VanRaes

OrganicBiz staff

“It needs to age like a good wine, so any differences can actually express themselves,” says Martin Entz, professor of agriculture at the University of Manitoba.

For 25 years, Entz has been studying organic cropping systems at the Glenlea Research Station south of Winnipeg. In its early days, the long-term study looked at a variety of farming systems but now focuses much of its attention on organic production methods.

In part one of our video interview, Entz takes us on a tour of one of Glenlea’s research plots, talks about some of the early inspiration for Glenlea and the growing interest he’s seeing in organic production.


Click here to watch part two of this video interview.

Video editing by Greg Berg